The aim of this workshop is to become true to the words of Joseph Pilates: “As much as necessary, as less as possible”

For this we will discover the difference between self-regulation and auto-regulation and how the first is needed to allow for the second to happen.

We will understand, appreciate and become aware of the workings of our body, left to work without our interference.

We will deepen our sense of letting go and allowing the‘body to happen’; understanding and experiencing the concept of ‘falling into organisation’.

We will visit the application of ‘constant and consistent contact’ and ‘load distribution’ to achieve this.

We will experiment with different words, images and thoughts to discover how they play out in our bodies.

We will understand and experience the importance of resonance between teacher and student along the way.

We will understand and experience the importance of resonance between teacher and student along the way.

Style: Traditional Pilates
Ability level: Intermediate
Cost: 180.00 GBP (Pound Sterling)


9 a.m. Saturday 27 Oct 2018 - 5 p.m. Saturday 27 Oct 2018


Pilateszone, Lavaterstrasse 44, , Zürich, ZH, 8002 , Switzerland

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Centre for Spatial Medicine - CPM Education

Karin Locher is the founder and owner of Centre for Spatial Medicine and CPM Education, offering Neurofascial Professional Development, Teacher Training apprenticeships and personal Mentorships.

It attracts students and teachers around the world to learn the phenomena of the newly revealed potential of the neurofascial system.

Being 'neurofascially conscious', offers a new language and application to re-connect to the vast implications of this whole body system, bringing profound awareness of yourself and your essential role within the functionality of your own health.
Karin’s extraordinary insight has inspired her unique application for Spatial Medicine | CPM, which influences our structural relationships for optimal physiological coherence; enabling you to be consciously involved and with the day-to-day state of your fascia and the means to influence it.

This new pioneering body of work offers an ever-broader vision for personable change.

Karin works with movement professionals around the world bringing this new universal awareness of the body’s structure and how they can get involved.

“One body, one structure, one system and universal patterns, with many different factors that influence it all. Evolve your understanding of its unraveling nature and we will see things that you never expected.” Says Karin. Conscious involvement with the fascial system is the key, she believes, to a whole new level of being.

A teacher and lecturer for over 15 years, Karin's work began through her dedication to explore the original, now somewhat historical, teachings of Joseph and Clara Pilates and the profound life changing potential within their Method, Contrology.
First certified through Pilates International and the Pilates Method Alliance (PMA), Karin acquired her true education studying individually with the first generation Pilates Elders.

In 2006, through her in-depth study of universal movement, and the newly acquired insights from the works of Thomas Myers Anatomy Trains, Karin developed, Contrology and the Anatomy Trains: a pioneering neuro-muscular application to the myofascia, devised from the origins of the Pilates Studio Methodology and the new fascial science that was sweeping the globe. A unique application that ‘influenced to re-store’ and ‘re-set’ the neuromyofascial pathways within the Studio environment.

Today Karin’s work has evolved further into Spatial Medicine; taking this physiological awareness and application into all universal movements, universal patterns, to professionals from all movement, rehabilitation and health backgrounds, offering this potential for healing to all.

Together with her faculty team, her Professional Development Neurofascia Bridge programme spans 4 continents and Affiliated Anatomy Trains Workshops are being hosted around the world.

CPM teacher trainings are offered and registered with the PMA (Pilates Method Alliance).

Affiliated with Anatomy Trains, Certified with Fascial Fit-ness and a Reconnection Practitioner, Karin dedicates her time to those inspired to unravel their human potential.

Karin is based in Dubai.

Qualifications: Pilates Method Alliance
Phone: +44 1442 833487
Private teaching available

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