Freedom with motion contemporary Pilates and Fascial slings Level 1

covers the foundations of this new exercise program. Beginning with simpler movement sequences that utilises the myofascial lines at a slower, determined pace enables each participant to gain a clearer understanding of the qualities and aim enabling the participant to work in a safe control way at a suitable pace although remaining challenging and so regain confidence, motivation, and love of movement

Style: Michael King Method
Ability level: Beginner


Monday: 11 a.m. - noon


St Teresa & St George Parish Centre, Station Road, Dorridge, England, United Kingdom

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Freedom with motion contemporary Pilates and so much more

Freedom in Movement

Freedom in Motion (slings) is a mix of established and contemporary Pilates exercise, combined with a new style of movement which works with the body`s fascial system.
The aim of the class is to incorporate contemporary Pilates movements offering strength and mobility with a new technique that works on how you move, stand, feel and think using the body`s myofascial system.
As a long-term devotee and teacher (since 2002) I have very much enjoyed the rewards of teaching a wide range of age groups, abilities, and needs. I feel that Pilates is a great movement baseline for all. But, whilst many of my clients attain their individual goals. I have come to appreciate that it is not a quick fix and- as with all exercise programs-it has its limits.
Over the last few years, I have done a great deal of research and developed my skill base, so I can offer my clients a more comprehensive training method. During the course of this research, I become Interested in the myofascial system and how the efficiency and harmony of this system is very significant for maintaining healthy movement and alignment
The fascial system is one of the largest and most complex systems in the body, only recently attracting the attention of scientists and clinicians. Running like a web of connective tissue around muscles, and ligaments in pathways “slings” throughout the body. Slings overlap and interconnect with other slings to produce stability and mobility. When balanced they provide optimal alignment, stability, and flow. In contrast, the imbalance can create misalignment, adhesions, stiffness, pain, and potentially loss of stability.
This new practice will enable clients not only to strengthen muscles and increase mobility but will rectify the body-wide communication system improving postural alignment, stability, agility, resilience, coordination. It will help to promote a greater sense of well-being and movement ease, alleviating pain tension and helping to reduce the occurrence of injury. All the more reason to find a mat and book today.

Qualifications: Other Recognized Pilates Qualification
Phone: 07762311074
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