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Estilo: Body Control Pilates
Niveles de habilidad: Intermediario
Costo: 9,00 GBP (Pound Sterling)


Lunes: 18:00:00 - 19:00:00


St Johns Church Hall, Strangways Terrace, Truro, England, Reino Unido

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Rose Clayden Pilates

I am a passionate Body Control Pilates Instructor dedicated to helping people move better and feel better. I was first introduced to Pilates through my dance training, I know first hand what a positive impact it has had on my own body's movement potential and general well-being and I am committed to sharing that experience with others. The focus in my classes is on finding a sense of balance within the body , which we do by working on restoring good alignment through our movement, awakening the deep muscles within the body, and developing core strength to improve our stability and posture. I teach group classes and also offer 1:1s or 2:1's if you would like to share with a friend, group classes are kept small so that everyone can benefit from individual attention and support and are friendly and welcoming.

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Calificaciones: Body Control Pilates Matwork
Teléfono: 07748 735200
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